Jenny Goldstein was born on July 14, 1983 in Brooklyn, New York, the only daughter of Rena and Mark Goldstein, Jenny Goldstein is truly an all-around educator. One of four children—with three brothers, three sisters-in- law, and six nieces and nephews—Jenny received her Jewish education in both the elementary and high school years at the Yeshivah of Flatbush. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Barnard College, having majored in History and minored in Education, and received her Master of Arts degree in Special Education from Hunter College. Presently Park East Day School's third and fourth grade teacher, Jenny has held myriad roles during the dozen years that she has served our school; Jenny has taught grades 3 through 8 Math, grades 3 through 5 Language Arts, grades 3 through 8 Social Studies, grades 3 through 4 Science, and grades 6 through 8 Jewish History.

The quintessential team-player, Ms. Goldstein has worn many other hats as well, having been responsible for administrative duties, including running our middle-school Chesed Program, Peer-Tutoring, and Student Government. Even during the summer months, when Jenny works at Camp Lavi, she continues her duties at Park East. She spearheads textbook purchasing and helps write the schedule. If this were all not enough, Jenny additionally holds the title of Director of Student Activities at our Day School. A unique and indispensable member of the Park East family, she claims to be most proud of her record as a Color War General with four hard-earned and highly-coveted wins to her (and her team's!) credit.

In the September of 2018, Jenny looks forward to returning to another of her favorite roles—that of student—as she commences another Master's program, this time in School Administration.