Jack (Yanek) was born in Wlodowa, Poland in 1928. He tragically lost his parents and four siblings during the Shoah. Jack, and his surviving siblings, ran for the forests and joined the Jewish partisans under the command of Yechiel Grynszpan. After reuniting with family members in Lublin, Jack enlisted in the Polish army as an officer, and also assisted many refugees to restart their lives. In 1945, Jack was placed in a DP camp near Frankfurt Germany, where he first met his future wife, Sally. They received permission to enter the US via the Red Cross initiative in 1950.

Sally (Sarka) Nickelsberg came from Tomashov Lubleski, and survived the war together with family in Siberia. Only later did they find out how lucky they were. In spite of the hardships of starvation, malaria, rheumatic fever and beatings that took place during years of seclusion in the deepest frozen plains of Siberia – they remained alive.

Sally and Jack were married in 1952 in the Bronx. They are proud parents of Larry, Michael, and Jason. Jack and Sally have eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Jack and his children have developed a successful real estate and hotel business in America.